Our dentists and team provide emergency dental care in West Palm Beach, Florida, to help you get your oral health and smile back on track. We see emergency patients by appointment and ask that you contact one of our offices to schedule a meeting with Dr. Jackie Johns, Dr. Gina Dean or Dr. Jose Eduardo so that you can get the treatment you need. A small fee of $150 will be charged for visits that occur after 6:30pm. We are available for emergency visits seven days a week and our last patient is seen at 11:00pm. We will also provide instructions on what to do until you are able to come in to our office.

Initial treatment after-hours is a minimum charge of $300. This fee may change based on the type and extent of the treatment needed. Patients are responsible for the final cost of their treatment after the treatment plan has been reviewed and accepted and the consent form has been signed. We only accept PPO insurance and do not take Medicaid.